Yet it's been a long time since I've posted last. I have been actually patching bug fixes, thanks to many users who reported bugs! Fixing server side logic and stuff lately.
So I have been coding on iOS for almost 8 years now, and this game was written almost that long ago. (Very hard to update it mostly due to poor coding skill from back then lol)




It's been a while since my last post! With the limited time I have with my two kids and full time job, I managed to release a feature a few months ago. This new feature will let you fish enemies and bring them to fight with you. I work on Dungeons & Such and other side project in the commute train, which is about 40 minutes a day. If I get lucky and am up for it, I can work on it at home. Next step is to fix bugs (that my customers found, thx) around fishing and other areas, and make it compatible for iPhone 6 and 6+. ハイ、前回の投稿からかなりの時間が経ってます。子供二人の世話とフルタイムの仕事の日々の中、敵を釣竿で釣るというフィーチャーを作りました。たったこのアイデアひとつで3、4ヶ月はかかったかな。なんせ毎日通勤時間40分ぐらいしかやってなかったので。 とりあえず今からはお客様の声に反映して見つけてもらったバグ(感謝です)などを修正したりしたいと思います。あとはiPhone 6/6+の対応かな。


Still Updating

I've recently moved my server code to Amazon Web Services, we'll see how it turns out. I've been keeping my project clean and up to date with latest OS lately. Trying to get new features in there but requires a lot of time. Getting rid of slacks. 最近サーバーをAWSに以降しました。新フィーチャー作りたいのは山々やけどなかなかこれというアイデアが浮かばず。新OSに対応するのとバグ修正が精一杯な今日この頃。アプリ的になかなかしまってきてる。


Great feedbacks

I really appreciate everyone's feedback! They're all great.
I wish I had more time to work on this.



Version 2.1 submitted

I managed to crank out some of the best features. Eyes twitching and stuff. I would prefer not to make the game any more complicated for this isn't my main goal. User feedback is the main drive at this point. I'm going to start enjoying the time with my wife and son from tomorrow when they get back from Japan. :)

V 2.1
New feature!
- Buy your own house to store items
- Forging weapons and armors
- Wands will replenish MP occasionally

- Background music (e.g. iPod music) is fully supported
- Increased the size of players' character icon so it's bigger and fits better
- Adjusted store BGM volume
- Fixed problem of level stats window not showing up after beating the game
- Fixed Facebook crash
- Other fixes


- アイテムを保管できる家を建てられるように
- 武器と防具のアイテム強化
- 杖はたまにMPを回復

- バックグランド音楽(iPodなどの)のフルサポート
- 自分の写真をもうちょっと大きく見えるように調整
- 店のBGMの調整
- ラスボス倒したあとに窓がでない問題を修正
- Facebookが壊れてたのを修正
- その他



Donating my money to Japan after the devastating disaster.
My wife and 3 month old son was in Japan, got hit by 6M, really close from the origin. Luckily I was able to speak with them after 16 hours. Inside the house was shattered, no electricity, no water.
You can donate here:



New version sent

Dungeons & Such 2.0.5 is sent to Apple with these update:

- New item: Hi-Potion.
- Item capacity increase from level 20.
- Heal magic effect increase by little.
- Support for playing background music like iPod app.
- Some monsters flee.
- Higher dungeon level will yield higher weapon bonus from treasure loot.
- Deep sleeping will give you penalty instead of sleeping forever.
- Fixed bug where monsters stays strong after wandering.

Recently, I've been getting great feedbacks from users and they're all awesome. Sometimes I get angry email saying there's some bugs, I need to fix them!

ー 新アイテム:ハイポーション
ー 持てるアイテムの数がレベル20からアップ
ー 魔法ヒールの効果を少しアップ
ー  iPodなどのBGMに対応
ー あるモンスターの中には逃げるものも発生
ー ダンジョンレベルによって武器についてくる攻撃力アップ
ー 深い眠りにおちるとペナルティ。。その者、死す!
ー バグ修正:さまよった後に町に戻ったり死んだりした後にダンジョンへ戻ってもモンスターが強いのを修正



Game Design

At the time of writing, Dungeons & Such 2.0.4 is at 4 stars and up from over 120 reviews.
From what I'm seeing in App Store, that's not too bad. Gotta make it better!

今の時点でDungeons & Such 2.0.4は120件以上のレビューで4星以上ゲッツ。なかなかよろしいんでないの。まだまだがんばるぜい。


Upgrade & debugging

I've received emails from no more than 20 customers so far. It's good amount. I enjoy their feedback, a lot of them positive, some are bad (for me). The emails really get me going. I'm fixing and upgrading my app so I will get fewer negative feedbacks.



Increase in downloads

OK, the increase in downloads didn't come from any of the review sites, but from sales in prices: Dungeons & Such went from $3 to $1, Typing Sebastian went from $1 to free. Both got about 200 - 300 downloads a day for about a week of the sale. Sales and downloads went down each day, but it was still a HUGE impact for me. $3 and $1 seems like they are both "coffee price", but it was big enough to make my sales 100x better or more. Of course, there are a ton of websites and apps that keep track of apps when the prices drop, but still!!! This was some experience for me, and all developers should know this. Or perhaps I should keep this a secret :P

レビューサイトからの売り上げはほとんど見えなかったがバレンタインセールをやってから100倍近くの売り上げが見えた。D&Sは3ドルから1ドルに、Typing Sebastianは1ドルから無料に一週間の期間実行した。びっくりするわ!!(笑)コーヒーの値段だけやけど、70%オフとか無料とか、言葉に力があるのか。自動化されたサイトやアプリでもピックアップされるからいやでも宣伝されるからそこから自分のアプリが発見される構造になってるはず。おもしろいなぁ。


Review sites

Dungeons & Such is reviewed on some good sites, PocketGamer and AppBank!



I can use more exposure!



My motivation has been static until now. Ever since I put the app on Valentine's Day sale for $0.99 USD (70% off), I have had VERY positive feedback. This is mind blowing for me. $3 vs $1 apparently is a huge deal. I can't imagine it's that of a huge deal for an individual for just a couple of bucks. I have been following twitter's search for "Dungeons & Such" and voila, there were over 30 posts after the day I put the app on sale. There's so many automated systems where it tracks the app when it goes on sale. I also changed the app description to say it's on sale as well.
I should post more complete info next week.



Lite version update

Dungeons & Such Lite is updated to have the same code as the current full version. Currently version 2.0.3.
Good tutorial on how to make a quick lite version: http://www.bit-101.com/blog/?p=2098
Current lite version will only let you go down to 14F.

Dungeons & Suchのライトバージョンが更新された。現在バージョン2.0.3。ライトバージョンをはやく作りたい方はこれをご覧あれ:http://www.bit-101.com/blog/?p=2098


Review posted at AppBank.net


Great news! Yesterday, app has posted at one of the most popular review site in Japan, appbank.net! Link is above. I love their site, and I'm very very happy to see my app on their site.

AppBankでDungeons & Suchがレビューされました!リンクは上記。AppBankさんのページは毎日かかさず見ているのでかなり嬉しいです。こうやってつながっていくのは楽しいな。



So I had my game out for almost a year now, 10 months. I sold enough that I probably made less than $6 an hour which is less than what I was making in high school. Wow. I don't think my game sucks that much which comes down to thinking about how to go about letting people know about my game. Marketing.

During the college years, I actually thought about making my degree in Business Marketing because of this reason, but it just wasn't my line of sight. I enjoy creating things, almost to an addiction. In fact, it's past addiction. Every day, I have to be making things, it be drawing, programming, cooking, thinking and learning about new ideas.
But you know what, nothing gets out there if you don't put it out there. That's why I must market. I have to put on a different hat and think about my tactics.

I've been thinking about this. My solution for now: Contact review sites, send out press release, integrate social interaction within the game. Not to mention "Make an awesome game", which is probably the toughest part.

When I released my two iPhone games, I had zero years experience of game industry. Whenever I applied for one, I got rejected. It's like there's no way of getting into game industry unless you know someone from there. It was really annoying. That's how I got to teach myself how to make games in Flash and iPhone. There's no way to sell sugar water without any marketing.



Dungeons & Such version 2.0 out!

Version 2.0 is out in iTunes App Store! For some reason, it look less than 24 hours for this update to go through Apple's approval process this time. I wonder if they are in a hurry before Christmas?

I'm doing prMac's press release writing service, and I'm also writing to different review sites.
Time to put thinking cap of marketing.

バージョン2.0がiTunes App Storeで発売開始!なぜか今回は24時間以内で審査を通るという前代未聞のハプニングが。アップルもクリスマス前にがんばってるのかな。



Setting minimum iOS requirement

I turned in my other app "Typing Sebastian" with minimum requirement of iOS 4.2. I didn't really know where I set it or I didn't pay too much attention until some customer wrote a review saying something like, "I'd give the older version 5 stars, but the author made it so it's only for iOS 4.2 and up".

So I had to research and learn where to do it. Yet another win with Google search. Just go to project settings, type in "deployment" in the search field. That was set to 4.2 with the newest SDK I have. So I set it to 3.1.2, waiting for review now.

自分のもう一つのアプリ、「Typing Sebastian」を最近アップデートしたらカスタマーレビューで5星をあげたいけどiOS 4.2以上じゃないとできないので4星にしたという。あらら、と思って調べたらそこに全然気を使ってなかった。もともと3.1.2で出してたけど新しいSDKはそれを勝手に一番新しいものにしてたという始末。

推奨を設定するにはProject settingsメニューにいって、deploymentを3.1.2に設定しなおした。アプリをビルドし、またアプル審査へ。


Almost release

My MacbookPro's logicboard died last week. I had downtime for about 5 days. Sucks hard. Very bad. Muy mal. Dahmehdess. It's pretty interesting because this is the first hardware problem I've ever had in 20 years of owning a Mac. There were a few years I didn't have a main Mac to work with, but that's still good for a computer.

So anyways, I have to release the game within this week.. because... My wife is having a baby in a week! (at least that's the due date)

As I'm making my own game from scratch, I'm becoming more conscious about the other half of the success, the marketing. It'll be fun when I put the new hat on to play that role. I'm thinking about doing press release, contacting app review sites, and.. what else can I do...?


あたっくー あたっくー なーんばーーーわーーん。


OpenAL restarting sound from interruption

Sound stopped working after interruptions like SMS, alarm clock, phone call, etc.
I had to do tons of research, but the blog post by Ben Britten fixed my problem. Thanks Ben!


I had no idea how to implement what he had in description, but it made sense after reading line by line.
Perhaps I can submit the 2.0 version next week..!?!



GM version 1

I'm testing my GM version. 2 of my friends are testing it as well as myself, but I probably should have more people testing my game. So it's been about 2 years but off and on coding in Objective-C, but my code from way in the beginning is such a mess. It's interesting how I learned a lot in this couple of years. Coming from coding in ActionScript 2.0/3.0, PHP, Javascript, you can say that Objective-C is different experience. I like the language, but it's just too different than all the other ones I learned in the past.

あとちょっとでリリース。二人の友達にテストしてもらってるけど、バグがまだ見つかる。直しても直しても新しいのが見つかるぜ!!(´▽`) ゲーム作るのって、難しいっすね。


Still updating...

It's taking a while to update.. So far, the 2.0 will have things like:

- Guild. Hire your Facebook friends to go to Dungeon with you
- Earn salary from the guild by checking in
- Game Center leaderboards & achievements
- Achievements will give you bonus
- Ability to share your experience on Facebook and compete with friends
- New monsters
- New items
- Dungeon will level up so you can keep on challenging
- Bug fixes

It's a heavy update and it is not easy with just myself.. debugging everything. Hoping that I will be noticed someday lol


- ギルド。Facebookの友達を傭兵として雇い、ダンジョンへ挑む
- ギルドで給料がもらえる。もらえちゃう。
- Game Centerのリーダーボードとアチーブメントを導入
- アチーブメントでボーナスがもらえる。XP獲得!
- Facebookでゲーム中の成果を実況!
- 新モンスター
- 新アイテム
- ダンジョンレベルがあがるように。上級向けプレイヤーおすすめ。
- バグ修正



Update coming soon, Lite version up

I've been working on the update on my spare time. Working on the ability to "Hire your Friends". This will be pretty cool. Also, the Lite version of the app is up on iTunes App Store. Please give it a try. http://itunes.apple.com/app/dungeons-such-lite/id392298603?mt=8

アップデートを開発中。ゲームシステムをがらりと変えてしまう「友達を雇う」機能をちょくちょく。傭兵やね。無料のライトバージョンも先週App Storeに登場しました。ぜひやってみたい方はトライしてください。http://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/dungeons-such-lite/id392298603?mt=8


Submitted app to Apple...

Okaaaay... So I just finished submitting the app to Apple..! ><
I've made the website the last couple of days: http://www.summitisland.com/dungeon/
We'll see what happens...



Release before 2010...?

I'm hoping to release this game before the new year.. Thanks to friends' help beta testing, I'm getting all kinds of weird errors. There are some bugs that I have no idea why it's happening. Arrgh..! I actually found a behavior that happens only when I play the game in Japanese. The behavior is that when ever a new Japanese character is display in a UITextView, iPhone mallocs 160 bytes with CoreGraphics add_chunk. The memory lives indefinitely. I don't know how to release these memory. I asked and filed it to Apple, but no reply yet.

ちなみに日本語でプレイしてる時でしか起きないバグも発見。バグでもないけど。どうやらUITextViewやらに日本語を表示するときにシステムがmalloc 160 bytesをするけどゲームを終了するまでずっと生きたまま。どうやってメモリーリリースするのかわからんまま。方法はないような気がする。バグでもないけど、バグファイルしても返事こないからもしかしたら答えを探してるのかな。以前バグファイルしたときはすぐに返事きたし。


Thanksgiving & Such

Still debugging and adjusting game balance. It takes time and bunch of trial and error...
I've been actually catching up with my social life recently, I feel like a human being once more.
BTW, the game is going to be called "Dungeons & Such". If anybody would like to help beta test with me and if you have iPhone or iPod Touch, please shoot me an email.

まだまだデバッグとゲームバランス調整の日々。試行錯誤の繰り返し。でも最近は人間らしい友達とかのソーシャルライフもカムバックしてます。あともうちょっとやー。ちなみにゲーム名が決まりました。「Dungeons & Such」です。ふざけまくりです。
もしもiPhoneかiPod Touch持ってる方でベータテストしたかったらぜひメールください。猫の手も足も借りたいぐらいです。


Yup. Debugging.

So everything's going well, animation is pretty much done, so I'm onto testing my game and finding more bugs. I mean, MORE bugs. Ay yai yai... por favor hermano. Sayonara geisha. I'm confused.



Finished animation

I finished my animation a couple of days ago, finished it a couple of weeks earlier than I had planned. Now for the final tweak and balance check. Hopefully not as many bug encounters as before..





So I've been working on the opening animation for the past couple of weeks. The draft animation only took two days to make in Flash since I've been thinking about how it wanted to look.

I just love doing frame by frame animation. I like 3D animation too, but it's not the same. It's fun to create the illusion of moving and expressing the lightness and heaviness of the objects with a subtle timing and art. It is hard to get it right.

Now I'm coloring the art.



Yes, I'm here

I just noticed it's been a long time since my last post!! Yup, I'm still working on it every single day, it was just boring debugging and such although I think I had a few insights about debugging and programming and all that in between, but anyways... wow I really wish I had a talent in writing.. My English is so broken. So I've pretty much finished the programming part of the game so I've been drawing the background art lately again. I just finished drawing 51 of them 5 minutes ago so I needed to celebrate it here. Hurahh! (a celebration roar)
Now I need to draw the background for the square, inn, barracks, cathedral, and the hill. After that is draw some boss characters and draw all the NPCs. Hurraah!! (one more push roar)



Progress, progress, and... progress

..moreover, progress.
It was inevitable to learn how to use Instruments due to my buggy-awesomeness-code-of-doom. I found a huge bug where a memory wasn't being freed by Apple's API because I was trying to paste a blank string to a UITextView. This didn't show up in the Leaks Instruments, but it was living forever which could be observed through Object Allocations. It was about 100KB per minute, which adds up over time and crashes the app.
And finally, more progress is yet to come.

進行、 進展、前進するのみ。Instrumentsを使ったデバッグの作業になかなか慣れてきた今日この頃。繊細におおらかに書かれたバグだらけのコードをデバッグするには不可欠。今日はAppleのAPIで生成されたオブジェクトがフリーされてない問題を解決した。いや、一瞬たりとも「アップルのバグか?」とか全然これっぽっちも思ってなかったけど、やっぱり問題は自分でUITextViewに空のNSStringを入れようとしてたみたいでそれがMalloc 160 bytesを蓄積してた。結果、毎分100KBぐらいのリークが発生しててこの数週間悩まされてたんだぜぇ〜。初代iPhoneだと15分ぐらいでクラッシュするという始末。明日はまた違うリークを解決するぞと。