Version 2.1 submitted

I managed to crank out some of the best features. Eyes twitching and stuff. I would prefer not to make the game any more complicated for this isn't my main goal. User feedback is the main drive at this point. I'm going to start enjoying the time with my wife and son from tomorrow when they get back from Japan. :)

V 2.1
New feature!
- Buy your own house to store items
- Forging weapons and armors
- Wands will replenish MP occasionally

- Background music (e.g. iPod music) is fully supported
- Increased the size of players' character icon so it's bigger and fits better
- Adjusted store BGM volume
- Fixed problem of level stats window not showing up after beating the game
- Fixed Facebook crash
- Other fixes


- アイテムを保管できる家を建てられるように
- 武器と防具のアイテム強化
- 杖はたまにMPを回復

- バックグランド音楽(iPodなどの)のフルサポート
- 自分の写真をもうちょっと大きく見えるように調整
- 店のBGMの調整
- ラスボス倒したあとに窓がでない問題を修正
- Facebookが壊れてたのを修正
- その他


  1. Hi there,

    this is a great game and I like it very much!
    can you add an additional stat "magic defense" to the game? monster's magic attack is too overpower. I get hit by 50-70 at Dlvl4 level 40+ and their spell is unavoidable with paper shield.

    May I know how to increase my magic defense? thanks!!

  2. I really love this game but why in new game+ you cant tp to 10 20 30 lvl etc, starting from lvl 1 is a time waste. Bai bai )

  3. Me again, my bad i forgot to go to the cathedral, so i did not had the tp ((

  4. Yeah, im planning to make it so that you can start with the previous character's stats from the beginning. i just simply don't have time to update anymore with full time job and new born baby.. I appreciate your comments and thanks for playing!

  5. no problem. take care of your baby!

  6. Amazing game and my favourite Iphone RPG, please tell me, are you are doing more updates in the near future?

  7. Hi, thanks for your comment.
    Yes, I'm still planning on updating when I get a chance.

  8. Fantastic! Looking forward to it.

  9. Thanks for the wonderful game!

    Could you please let us have multiple save files?
    I don't want to depart with my character because I have grown attached to it just to start another game.


  10. the forge button isn`t there anymore ! have i done something wrong ?

  11. Nice game. Just i do not know how the house works. I bought it but then there is just back to city button

  12. Are you supposed to get more xp from monsters at different dungeon levels? Seems like I'm getting the same in dlvl3 as dlvl2. Great game though

  13. Hi, great game.
    Just started playing it.

    Got a question, I saved up 800G and went to build a house. I forgot what the dude said was missing and now I can't find that message again.

    Can you let us know?

    Also, is there a FAQ somewhere? I'm trying to work out how to hire mercenaries... :)

    Thanks for a great game!

  14. Another suggestion is for the weapons that can be bought upgrade with the character.

    I'm on DLv 2 and basically can't find anyway to spend money since all the weapons that can be bought are worse than what I have.

    Having a bank to store money would also be nice :)

  15. More suggestions:
    - Multiple save games (3), and ability to hire your other characters as mercenaries
    - XP increases with DLvl, I am on level 85 with DLvl2 and find it quite slow to level up.
    - Have new weapons/shields/armour unlocked with higher DLvls.. Or maybe hidden with random find (Excalibur was a nice touch!)
    - Ability to buy ore so you have a way to spend money once your weapons/amour have been forged (and hence much better than any other purchasable weapon)

    Hope these helps, great game :)