OpenAL restarting sound from interruption

Sound stopped working after interruptions like SMS, alarm clock, phone call, etc.
I had to do tons of research, but the blog post by Ben Britten fixed my problem. Thanks Ben!


I had no idea how to implement what he had in description, but it made sense after reading line by line.
Perhaps I can submit the 2.0 version next week..!?!



GM version 1

I'm testing my GM version. 2 of my friends are testing it as well as myself, but I probably should have more people testing my game. So it's been about 2 years but off and on coding in Objective-C, but my code from way in the beginning is such a mess. It's interesting how I learned a lot in this couple of years. Coming from coding in ActionScript 2.0/3.0, PHP, Javascript, you can say that Objective-C is different experience. I like the language, but it's just too different than all the other ones I learned in the past.

あとちょっとでリリース。二人の友達にテストしてもらってるけど、バグがまだ見つかる。直しても直しても新しいのが見つかるぜ!!(´▽`) ゲーム作るのって、難しいっすね。


Still updating...

It's taking a while to update.. So far, the 2.0 will have things like:

- Guild. Hire your Facebook friends to go to Dungeon with you
- Earn salary from the guild by checking in
- Game Center leaderboards & achievements
- Achievements will give you bonus
- Ability to share your experience on Facebook and compete with friends
- New monsters
- New items
- Dungeon will level up so you can keep on challenging
- Bug fixes

It's a heavy update and it is not easy with just myself.. debugging everything. Hoping that I will be noticed someday lol


- ギルド。Facebookの友達を傭兵として雇い、ダンジョンへ挑む
- ギルドで給料がもらえる。もらえちゃう。
- Game Centerのリーダーボードとアチーブメントを導入
- アチーブメントでボーナスがもらえる。XP獲得!
- Facebookでゲーム中の成果を実況!
- 新モンスター
- 新アイテム
- ダンジョンレベルがあがるように。上級向けプレイヤーおすすめ。
- バグ修正