Almost release

My MacbookPro's logicboard died last week. I had downtime for about 5 days. Sucks hard. Very bad. Muy mal. Dahmehdess. It's pretty interesting because this is the first hardware problem I've ever had in 20 years of owning a Mac. There were a few years I didn't have a main Mac to work with, but that's still good for a computer.

So anyways, I have to release the game within this week.. because... My wife is having a baby in a week! (at least that's the due date)

As I'm making my own game from scratch, I'm becoming more conscious about the other half of the success, the marketing. It'll be fun when I put the new hat on to play that role. I'm thinking about doing press release, contacting app review sites, and.. what else can I do...?


あたっくー あたっくー なーんばーーーわーーん。


  1. sorry i kept on reading :D till this .. Marketing is the key, else the build n run is in-vain i guess :D.. so Genki i hope ur doin good. Im Jith Mohan from India. a newbie in Iphone Apps develpmnt. am currently in my training. so far covered the basics now doin a real app. well its a game (am not into coregraphics yet) i would like to hear more from you and wish we could share our experiences that would really help me. I work ere w/o salary for the sake of learning this process of development. Good to know you love to create games n related apps.

    as you said if we sit ther n think about new ideas, it doesnt work. Well i started my doing part.. hope u will help . All the best with yours


  2. Hi Jittus,
    Thanks for the comment. I'm glad to know someone actually reads my blog. lol I don't mention about it here, but I strongly recommend Cocos2d framework if you are looking to develop games. I only used Core Animation for Dungeons & Such because I didn't know about Cocos2d when I started developing this game. http://www.cocos2d-iphone.org/
    Good luck on your quest!