Increase in downloads

OK, the increase in downloads didn't come from any of the review sites, but from sales in prices: Dungeons & Such went from $3 to $1, Typing Sebastian went from $1 to free. Both got about 200 - 300 downloads a day for about a week of the sale. Sales and downloads went down each day, but it was still a HUGE impact for me. $3 and $1 seems like they are both "coffee price", but it was big enough to make my sales 100x better or more. Of course, there are a ton of websites and apps that keep track of apps when the prices drop, but still!!! This was some experience for me, and all developers should know this. Or perhaps I should keep this a secret :P

レビューサイトからの売り上げはほとんど見えなかったがバレンタインセールをやってから100倍近くの売り上げが見えた。D&Sは3ドルから1ドルに、Typing Sebastianは1ドルから無料に一週間の期間実行した。びっくりするわ!!(笑)コーヒーの値段だけやけど、70%オフとか無料とか、言葉に力があるのか。自動化されたサイトやアプリでもピックアップされるからいやでも宣伝されるからそこから自分のアプリが発見される構造になってるはず。おもしろいなぁ。