So I had my game out for almost a year now, 10 months. I sold enough that I probably made less than $6 an hour which is less than what I was making in high school. Wow. I don't think my game sucks that much which comes down to thinking about how to go about letting people know about my game. Marketing.

During the college years, I actually thought about making my degree in Business Marketing because of this reason, but it just wasn't my line of sight. I enjoy creating things, almost to an addiction. In fact, it's past addiction. Every day, I have to be making things, it be drawing, programming, cooking, thinking and learning about new ideas.
But you know what, nothing gets out there if you don't put it out there. That's why I must market. I have to put on a different hat and think about my tactics.

I've been thinking about this. My solution for now: Contact review sites, send out press release, integrate social interaction within the game. Not to mention "Make an awesome game", which is probably the toughest part.

When I released my two iPhone games, I had zero years experience of game industry. Whenever I applied for one, I got rejected. It's like there's no way of getting into game industry unless you know someone from there. It was really annoying. That's how I got to teach myself how to make games in Flash and iPhone. There's no way to sell sugar water without any marketing.


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