Snow Leopard, more skills and magic

I spent all day installing Snow Leopard and Xcode 3., Snow Leopard iPhone SDK, and everything else. I'm back on track today with more magics and skills. I think I'm going to have to call the skills the Techniques since the Magic and them fall under the category of Skills. Hmm, this might cause some problem later on.

昨日は一日中Snow Leopardインストールと他のソフトのインストールした。ゲームのシステムはできてきたものの、ゲームバランスが絶対難しくなる。


Heal magic working

What the title says.
Gotta get both the magic and techniques working within two days.
Gonna kick some ass.



Skills and magic

Been busy lately with other things. I started implementing skills and magic for the players. The monster's side is pretty much done. So far so good.



Effect view

The icons of the effect of the spells and skills are working now. I had a problem trying to use the method copy. I still need to dig further into memory management. It's kind of scary what I'm going to run into. Maybe I'll end up with a huge memory leak problem.. it looks ok now.



A lot done

I have no idea how many little things I got done this week. I got the effects of armor, shield, and ring done. Fixed some bugs and found some more, just some solid working days.



Rings and armors

Rings will increase your stats, and armors will have effects for you to become immune to certain attacks such as poison, sleep, etc. Just going through bunch of states, flags, and if statements. Maybe the shield will reflect certain attacks like fire or something. This is the most enjoyable time in making games is when I'm thinking about the game design. Actually, not all game designs are fun though...



Monster magics

Now some monsters are casting magics using their MPs. This is pretty cool that they have some basic AI.




Finished making the looting system and moving on and fixing some random bugs.
Next up, monster magic skills.



Looting items

Before I dive in to the big decision making that I mentioned about in the last post, I decided to make the looting system after the battle. What's a RPG without looting off the monsters? I almost forgot about the importance of this feature. It makes it fun to encounter certain enemies when you know that they loot something you want.



Decision before proceeding

I think I fixed the battle system today.. so happy.. Now I need to decide the core game system whether the player will start from level 1 every death, or will they retain their level but get a penalty from death. I need to make this decision now otherwise I can't code for magic spells and what not.

今日戦闘システムのバグを直した。たぶん直せたはず。今のところは問題なく動いてる。めっちゃ嬉しくて今日は気分がよくなった(笑) というところで次に進むためにはゲームのコアな部分の設計をしないといけない。死んでしまうとレベル1からまた始まるのか、ペナルティをうけるだけなのか、これで全然作り勝手がかわってしまう。ゲームデザイン。。このゲームはちょこちょこやってレベル上げていく系のような気がするのでたぶんそうするかなぁ。


Some thinking

Needing to plan a better system for the battle, I decided to go to the beach and just think.



Xcode tips #2

I posted before that command + double clicking on a word shows the header files, but you can also do this on your own code also. It is extremely handy if you want to quickly jump to certain method you wrote just by holding down command and double clicking on it.
If you Option click on an Apple's API, it brings up the Documentation and searches it, saving you time to actually bringing up the Documentation and typing what you want to search for.



Target enemy after item use

I've worked on the "choose your target" interface for the items that need it like when I use a smoke bomb, users need to tap an enemy as a target. Since I didn't design with all these features in mind from the beginning, which is a big mistake, is getting more complicated to implement new systems. I wish I new better from the beginning, but you gotta learn it somehow, right? I knew that being scalable and making for expansion in mind is better, but I just didn't know how to go about doing that. Learning it the hard way..! I can take it...! (hurrah...)



Enemy skills revisited

Back on implementing enemy skills. Skills are easier to do than magics since it's going to be just descriptive attacks and perhaps possibility of doing random hits and damages. I'm going to have to implement MP and attributes of the magic spells.

とりあえず十分な絵はそろったのでまた敵のスキルのプログラミングへスイッチ。消費MPや魔法の属性などのプログラミングはまだやってない。ん〜。なんか若干萎えるなぁ。(笑) やっぱりプレイヤーも敵も魔法使ったほうが楽しいし、なかったらクソゲーすぎるし。しかしこれ、マゾゲートップ10に入りそうやなぁ。