Setting minimum iOS requirement

I turned in my other app "Typing Sebastian" with minimum requirement of iOS 4.2. I didn't really know where I set it or I didn't pay too much attention until some customer wrote a review saying something like, "I'd give the older version 5 stars, but the author made it so it's only for iOS 4.2 and up".

So I had to research and learn where to do it. Yet another win with Google search. Just go to project settings, type in "deployment" in the search field. That was set to 4.2 with the newest SDK I have. So I set it to 3.1.2, waiting for review now.

自分のもう一つのアプリ、「Typing Sebastian」を最近アップデートしたらカスタマーレビューで5星をあげたいけどiOS 4.2以上じゃないとできないので4星にしたという。あらら、と思って調べたらそこに全然気を使ってなかった。もともと3.1.2で出してたけど新しいSDKはそれを勝手に一番新しいものにしてたという始末。

推奨を設定するにはProject settingsメニューにいって、deploymentを3.1.2に設定しなおした。アプリをビルドし、またアプル審査へ。

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