Happy New Year and Vapor Swift

Thanks to all the fans and supporters, I'm still able to update Dungeons & Such for good reasons. Lately, I found a new backend framework called Vapor that uses Swift so I rewrote my backend code to Vapor and started hosting on Heroku instead of straight to AWS. It has been a great experience and I hope Vapor and Swift on backend will take off even more further. Check out Vapor at http://vapor.codes

皆様のおかげでDungeons & Suchをまだまだ更新している日々でございまする。最近発見したのがVaporというサーバーのフレームワークで、これがまたSwiftで書けるというiOSプログラマーとしてはなんの楽しい。ということでD&Sのバックエンドを全部Swiftに書き直しました。Herokuでホストしています。Vaporに興味ある方はhttp://vapor.codes

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  1. This game is very addicting! I can not put this game down. It is nice speaking to you in your emails. I look forward to helping you with suggestions on how to improve on this game. If you need someone to test the game out for you, I am real good at finding bugs! And please think of ways to better advertise, because if people don't know that this game exists then how will they play it and tell their friends about it? I hope I gave you a little clue.