Thanksgiving & Such

Still debugging and adjusting game balance. It takes time and bunch of trial and error...
I've been actually catching up with my social life recently, I feel like a human being once more.
BTW, the game is going to be called "Dungeons & Such". If anybody would like to help beta test with me and if you have iPhone or iPod Touch, please shoot me an email.

まだまだデバッグとゲームバランス調整の日々。試行錯誤の繰り返し。でも最近は人間らしい友達とかのソーシャルライフもカムバックしてます。あともうちょっとやー。ちなみにゲーム名が決まりました。「Dungeons & Such」です。ふざけまくりです。
もしもiPhoneかiPod Touch持ってる方でベータテストしたかったらぜひメールください。猫の手も足も借りたいぐらいです。


Yup. Debugging.

So everything's going well, animation is pretty much done, so I'm onto testing my game and finding more bugs. I mean, MORE bugs. Ay yai yai... por favor hermano. Sayonara geisha. I'm confused.



Finished animation

I finished my animation a couple of days ago, finished it a couple of weeks earlier than I had planned. Now for the final tweak and balance check. Hopefully not as many bug encounters as before..




So I've been working on the opening animation for the past couple of weeks. The draft animation only took two days to make in Flash since I've been thinking about how it wanted to look.

I just love doing frame by frame animation. I like 3D animation too, but it's not the same. It's fun to create the illusion of moving and expressing the lightness and heaviness of the objects with a subtle timing and art. It is hard to get it right.

Now I'm coloring the art.