The game is actually a game

After all the core game system working, I've been pretty much making data, and making events now. And all of a sudden, the thing is actually a game! It's an interesting shift in the whole development process. I'm having fun making characters and their personality, what they say and how they play in the game. I haven't had any break from this for 15 days. Crazy.



Almost ready for testing...

I've been saying this for about 2 weeks now, but for real this time. I've been preparing bunch of data for monsters, items, and tomorrow I'll work on Magic and Skills to test. I organize my data on Google Spreadsheet, I then spit out a CSV file and parse it using a PHP script I wrote. I feel more comfortable doing this than making a XML file and reading it through XML parser in Objective-C. PHP is so much easier... I also wonder how much more difficult it is to hack an xml file than hard coded data.

あとちょっとでテストプレイできるぐらいまで来た。ってもう2週間ほど言ってるような気がする。。この二日間はモンスターデータ、とアイテムデータを前半分ぐらいまでつくってる。明日は技と魔法をつくるかな。このすべてのデータをGoogle Spreadsheetで管理していて、CSVに吐き出して自分で書いたPHPスクリプトでパースしてる。Objective-CでXMLやCSVをパースするよりはるかに簡単のような気がする。XMLとハードコードはどっちがハックするの難しいのかな。


Debugging spree

Crazy days! Debugging like hell. I've found out about Clang, a free and useful debugging tool for Xcode, but then I found out about the new Build and Analyze menu which pretty much does the same thing as Clang. I'm using both Instruments and that menu to debug my app. It was crashing like crazy 3 days ago, but now my app is running way better. I'm getting memory warning after about 10 minutes of playing. Need to release the objects more properly.

怒濤のデバッグ日和!デバッグツールにはかかせないClangを知り、そしてXcodeについてくるBuild and Analyzeのメニューを知った。どっちもにたようなことをするので今はInstrumentsとそれを使ってる。3日前は死ぬほどクラッシュしてたけど今は10分ほどプレイしてるとメモリー警告メッセージがくるだけ。ちょっとは安心したけど、どこでどうメモリーリークしてるのかを発見しないとまたこれ進まんな。


Graph of hours spent

This is the graph of hours I've been spending on this game. I keep track of it in Google Docs.

開発時間を記録したグラフ。Google Docsで管理。



Jus getting things done. I think I finally see the end. I'll probably have the game playable for testing within this two weeks. The tweaking of the data for good game balance is going to be just a whole another task. The event system I put in seems to be working, it's just that coming up with story and the balance of it is another task.



Events and NPC

I had some kick ass day today. Implementing events and NPC was not an easy task at all but still got stuff done. I think I got the base core working. Now just for the little bits.