New version sent

Dungeons & Such 2.0.5 is sent to Apple with these update:

- New item: Hi-Potion.
- Item capacity increase from level 20.
- Heal magic effect increase by little.
- Support for playing background music like iPod app.
- Some monsters flee.
- Higher dungeon level will yield higher weapon bonus from treasure loot.
- Deep sleeping will give you penalty instead of sleeping forever.
- Fixed bug where monsters stays strong after wandering.

Recently, I've been getting great feedbacks from users and they're all awesome. Sometimes I get angry email saying there's some bugs, I need to fix them!

ー 新アイテム:ハイポーション
ー 持てるアイテムの数がレベル20からアップ
ー 魔法ヒールの効果を少しアップ
ー  iPodなどのBGMに対応
ー あるモンスターの中には逃げるものも発生
ー ダンジョンレベルによって武器についてくる攻撃力アップ
ー 深い眠りにおちるとペナルティ。。その者、死す!
ー バグ修正:さまよった後に町に戻ったり死んだりした後にダンジョンへ戻ってもモンスターが強いのを修正



  1. Hey, thanks for the update! Love the game!

    I'm just curious about a few things regarding weapons/armor for magic users!

    Holy Armor is, as far as I can tell, the best armor in the game for any user. It has STR and INT, plus Anti-Confuse. But it's requirements are pretty steep - Strength is about useless to my Elf as I always cast spells! So, I use Sage Robe instead, and that's got half as much INT, less defense and no Anti-Debuff on it.

    I like to specialize and not spread my points thin, so I'm just curious if you'd at least add something to the robe!

    Next, and this is more of wishful thinking, would we ever see enhancements on gear in the future? Aside from the +1-9. Maybe those gemstones we find in chests/bosses can be brought to a Jewelcutter at the port for +STAT? +HP/MP? +RESIST?

    Also, any chance we'd be able to pay a price to increase the bonus on our weapon (say, 400G to +1, 600G +2, 1000G +3 and so forth)?

    I guess DLvl is supposed to help offset this by providing better loot - but finding my +9 Rod of Confusion is a task! =P

    Armor enhancements?

    Any chance of more floors? Perhaps a second area to play - the Tower of Evils!

    All possibilities on my mind!


  2. Hi Rob,
    Thanks for your support!
    Yup, I'm thinking about making item augmentation feature. I have to be careful about game balance though. The dungeon level will just get harder with same items, so there has to be a way to make items stronger with player's decision.
    Tower of Evils sounds great! I even thought about traveling to bigger land through the port, my imagination just expands but I can only take little steps.

  3. By oooooomonkey.

    Hi loving the game, played for 11 hours now and I'm down to floor 40 on dlvl2.
    I'd like to see some new areas and possibly new weapons.
    Really like the update so you can carry more. Thanks for making a fantastic game.
    Ps. About your price comment further down I bought dungeons when it was 59p as I'm willing to take a chance a buy anything for that price. My friend also did the same thing, we both use the Appshopper app for price changes thats how we found and bought it. I was looking at it for the £1.79 price but was unsure having not heard of it before.
    Now though I realise I should of bought it anyway as it's great. Although I do recommend it to people now.