Enemy skills

My body is all sore from playing ultimate frisbee.
I'm making a list of enemy skills now. Enemies will be casting magics but more importantly, they have to do some weird things that monsters do. How do I put that out better. I suck at writing. I'm using Google Doc's Spreadsheet to organize things like this.
Anyways, my Wacom tablet is still broken, and I'm waiting for the reply from Wacom's support department. I might as well just get the new one maybe. But they are still expensive..

モンスタースキルを作り始めた。魔法も使えるモンスターもいるけどやっぱりモンスターと言えば人間離れした独特な攻撃をしてくるのが醍醐味。文字だけやけど、雰囲気は出るでしょう。Google Docsのスプレッドシートでこういうリストをとりあえず作っていく。

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