Testing on device

This is my first time testing this app on my iPhone. I've waited because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to use the apps that I had on my iPhone OS 2.2.1, I couldn't downgrade. I had to upgrade my SDK to the latest beta, which caused a little change but fixed it in 15 minutes. It's working nicely on my iPhone now, it looks good.

iPhoneにインストールしてテスト。iPhone 2.2.1にダウングレードできないためちょっとためらいがあったけど、とりあえずはうまくいってるようなので一安心。間違って今まで撮ってた写真を全部消去してしまい、オウマイガ。はっはっは、笑ってすませようやないかぁ。

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